"Introducing OnRaé Lateal, Didas Akognon and Allysa Lisbon"
Produced by Didas Akognon
"Build Black Futures"
OnRaé LaTeal ft. Fresco Steez and BYP100 Choir
Produced by Allysa Lisbon
OnRaé LaTeal ft. Charlene Carruthers
Produced by Allysa Lisbon
Jonathan Lykes & OnRaé LaTeal
Black Girls Handgames Magic at Folklife Festival
OnRaé LaTeal
"Our Lives Matter"
OnRaé LaTeal ft Afriye and Marley
"Fraud Life"
OnRaé LaTeal ft. Perc, Afeni, FFDC and TLC
Produced by Allysa Lisbon
"Middle Finger to the Law"
OnRaé LaTeal ft. Fresco Steez & BYP100 Choir
Produced by Teddy Gee
Black Joy Experience Concert
 Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden's ARTLAB
Produced by Teddy Gee
"Miss Mary Mack" Live
 OnRaé LaTeal, Benny Byrd & Jaydee Polo